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Leopard Gecko, Corn snake, bearded dragon, Russian turtle, Ball Python, Crested Gecko – these reptiles make great pets. Whichever one you opt for, you’ll have to set up an ideal reptile habitat. Since these creatures have certain biological needs, keeping them in captivity means that you have to enable them to enjoy their life and also be healthy. This article reveals the basics on reptile enclosures and reptile supplies, to help you better understand the needs and desires of your reptilian friend.

  • The size of a reptile tank

Obviously, the size of a tank or enclosure will depend on what type of reptile you want to bring to your home. But, the rule of thumb is to choose a larger tank that will give your pet plenty of space to move, hide, climb, to bask, etc. Moreover, this will make your pet happy, as he will have a lot of things to do, which means more fun for him.

As you probably already know there are many types of reptile cages including those made of glass, plastic reptile cages, aluminum enclosures and reptile kits. It’s a good idea to do some research in order to find out the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Thanks to this, you will be able to build the best reptile habitat for your favorite reptilian.

  • Humidity

Also, make sure to choose a tank that will have a screened top in order to provide air flow and humidity. Some reptiles need less humidity while others require more humidity. This means that you will have to try different methods for providing an optimal level of humidity by way of using sprays, misters, water bowls, etc. For example, if your reptilian friend needs a high level of humidity, use a mister frequently in order to raise humidity. In addition, mini-waterfalls are a great way to optimize humidity level and they also work great for adding a nice touch to reptile décor.

  • Light

Sure, your reptile needs much light, but that doesn’t mean you should build a reptile habitat next to the window. In fact, this would be a bad thing. The sunlight can’t pass through the glass, but it can pre-heat a reptile aquarium. Meaning, your pet won’t get vitamin D3 (that he usually obtains from direct sunlight, when he’s outside) and his home will be just too hot for him. In case you want to have lizards, make sure to buy a tank that can be easily moved outside, in order to give your pet hours of basking in the sunlight.

  • Reptile accessories

Based on reptile facts, reptile cages should have a plenty of items to make his life exciting and adventurous. Driftwood, rocks, vines, logs, branches, plants, the substrate – with all these accessories, making reptile habitat décor stunning will be a breeze.

When setting branches and logs, it’s important to make them sturdy and safe so that your pet won’t hurt himself when climbing.

As far as the plants are concerned, buy live plants, as they help in purifying the air so the environment will be healthier. Just make sure to check which plants can be toxic for your pet, as you surely don’t want to put his life at risk.

For the rocks, it’s best to cover them if your pet is a baby, because he may accidentally ingest them.

The substrate can be made of newspapers, paper towels or eco-earth carpets. In case you plan to buy a large tank, make sure to pick the one that allows for easy removal of the substrate. This will make cleaning a whole lot easier and will prevent the growth of bacteria.

  • Price

Contrary to what most people think, spending a great deal of money on a reptile terrarium doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get a sturdy and high-quality reptile vivarium. There are many factors to include when looking at reptile enclosures for sale and trying to choose the ideal one. Always choose large reptile cages that come with a screened top and are easy to clean. Also, they should feature a lock so that your pet won’t get out and explore the world on his own.

Of course, you can always choose to spend more money on a pricey glass terrarium (these are the best ones) in which case you will get sturdiness, quality, reliability and durability. But if you are on a budget or a beginner, we suggest you get an affordable reptile starter kit as this one comes with essential things and is definitely worth the money.

Whatever you opt for, just avoid buying those cheap reptile cages that have bad reviews and don’t function well at all.


Best reptile cages

With a plethora of enclosures and cages for reptiles, finding the perfect one for your pet, that will give him enough place to play and have fun, to feel safe and comfortable isn’t an easy task. That’s why we decided to help you out. We have listed best reptile cages and enclosures so that a search for THE ONE will be a piece of cake. So, let’s see why these tanks are considered to be great reptile habitat.


  1. Zoo Med Reptibreeze Screen Cage

If you want to give your veiled chameleon a place where he can feel safe, and has all the comfort he needs, this Zoo Med Screen Cage will give him just that. Spacious, affordable, easy to assemble and clean – this cage will be a perfect reptile habitat. No doubt your reptilian friend will be happy living in this terrarium.

Adorned with a high-quality mesh screen, this cage provides great ventilation and will keep the temperature at an optimal level. On top of it, you should place light bulbs to ensure your pet has enough light and heat. Just keep in mind to put the lights in a right way, so that your chameleon can’t get burned.

The cage is easy to assemble, thanks to the manual. For the setup, you are going to need only a screwdriver and a bit of a positive attitude. The setup won’t take a lot, and you can do It all by yourself.

In addition, the cage is easy to clean, thanks to the big door. You will be able to take out all the parts and clean the cage meticulously.

The cage is big, so your pet will have all the freedom he needs. Plus, you can add some decorational items and make the cage look amazing.

However, this cage is not very sturdy, since it’s made primarily mesh screen. Because of that, you should not move it around your home.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy-to-understand directions
  • Spacious
  • Ideal for chameleons
  • Screen


  • Should not be moved
  • Not very sturdy


  1. Exo Terra Habitat Kit

This habitat kit is considered one of the best on the market, and with good reasons. For those of you who want only the best for your reptilian friend, this is the way to go. Whether you’re a beginner or have been keeping a reptile as a pet for a while, with this habitat kit, you can’t go wrong.

Since the cage is made of glass and it’s of medium size, it’s ideal for lizards, snakes, frogs, and geckos. It will prevent the loss of heat, and will keep the temperature just how it’s supposed to be. Of course, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to buy a thermometer and make tracking a whole lot easier. Plus, this will help with keeping the temperature at a steady level, in order not to shock your little friend.

Since this terrarium is made of high-quality glass, you won’t have to buy a new one in years. This means that investing in this tank would definitely be a smart thing.

Thanks to the front window (full metal screen), you don’t have to worry whether your pet will have fresh air, and will also get more natural light inside his cage.

As for the lighting system, it should be placed on top in order to provide enough light for your reptile.

This kit comes with all the items needed to make your pet happy and help him stay healthy, such as jungle vines, care guide, jungle rope, substrate, water dish…

Even though it may seem that way at first, this tank is not perfect. It’s expensive. Plus, it’s heavy to move , which means that you should install it exactly where you want it to stay for good.


  • Medium size
  • Ideal for snakes, geckos, lizards
  • Ventilation
  • Will keep the temperature steady
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy
  • Durable


  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Can’t be moved


  1. Exo Terra glass Terrarium

This mini tall aquarium is great for young chameleons, so if you’re looking for the glass tank, you should go with this one. This model provides great value for the money, as it’s sturdy, durable, provides good ventilation and is easy to clean. Your pet will love the look of this tank, especially when you add all kind of decoration items.

Like with the previous model this one also has a front window that ensures air circulation.

The raised bottom frame is ideal if you want to add an under-tank heater, in order to provide a constant temperature for your pet. The bottom is waterproof.

In addition, the dual door lock will be your ally when it comes to stopping your pet from escaping. The lock is reliable and sturdy, so your pet won’t get anywhere.

The background looks very realistic, and will turn the tank into a real home for your pet.

Closable inlets make sure that wires are in the perfect order, so you won’t have to worry about them getting tangled up and damaged.

This tank will provide enough space for a young reptile so that he can climb and bask whenever he wants, wherever he wants. You won’t have to worry about your little lizard getting bored.

On the downside, this tank would be too small for an older chameleon. Also, your pet will quickly outgrow it, so you’ll have to buy a bigger one. But, the tank is definitely a good choice for a temporary housing.


  • Ideal for young chameleons
  • Sturdy
  • Provides ventilation
  • Has space for under-tank heater


  • Not for adult chameleon
  • Temporary housing


  1. Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Chameleon Kit

Here we have one more tank that is suitable for young reptiles. This one comes with the essential items for your reptile, except for a water bowl. So, if you are a new reptile owner, this would be a great starter kit for you. You won’t have to deal with buying all the items on your own and spend more money that way.

First, this tank is ideal for climbing, you just have to place logs and branches and secure them (vines that come with the tank is too thin) so that your pet won’t get hurt. There is enough space for a basking area, as well.

On top of the tank is the light, and is completely safe for your pet. So, no need to worry about the lizard getting burned.

The tank offers a great opportunity for a healthy level of humidity and allows the air to flow freely, which means that your pet will enjoy the healthy environment.


  • Spacious
  • Ideal for chameleons
  • Great starter kit


  • The vine is too thin


  1. Big Apple Reptile Cages

If you want to get a stylish tank for your reptilian friend, then this is the perfect one for you. This model looks amazing, and is ideal for all kinds of reptiles.

Thanks to the “slide-to-lock” system, assembling this cage will be a breeze. Since this is a stackable cage, it’s ideal if you have more pets. You can easily connect the cages to each other and make your pets happy and friendly. That’s why these are the best enclosure on the market right now.

Dual sliding doors give you quick access to the food and the water, and also make cleaning easy.

Waterproof bottom allows for basically any kind of bedding, but also you won’t have to worry about the cage leaking and making a mess.

The cage is pretty sturdy, as it has molded plastic sides and glass panes.

However, this cage is somewhat expensive, considering it doesn’t come with any decoration items.


  • Waterproof bottom
  • Dual sliding doors
  • Can be connected to other cages


  • Pricey



Since reptiles are cold-blooded animals, they can’t optimize the temperature of their body. Meaning, they need a constant temperature around 80 degrees F so that their bodies can function properly. Moreover, they need to have a basking area which should be over 100 degrees F. Of course, these numbers can vary, depending on species, season and time of the day, but here we’re talking in general.

The way to keep a reptile terrarium warm enough is to use a variety of heating devices. Make sure to find all you possibly can about your pet, so that you can provide him all the essential things he needs.

And don’t forget to buy a reptile temperature controller which will let you know the temperature at any time in order to avoid the place getting too hot or cold.

Reptile Cage heating

As mentioned above, there are numerous devices for heating reptile cages such as reptile heat mat, light bulbs, reptile heat lamp, under-tank heaters, regular heaters, etc. But most effective ones are light bulbs, and under-tank heaters. Some of them even come with the settings so they will give you the option to set the temperature the way your reptile wants.

Owners love under-tank heaters, because they provide a constant temperature without a need to actually keep the light on for a whole day.

When it comes to the matter of heating and temperature in this particular tank, there should be various levels of temperature. This means that your pet needs to have a cooler area and a basking area, since each of them will help him regulate his body’s temperature.

The light

When placing Reptile light bulbs and lights, make sure to set them on a safe distance from your reptile (above the cage or use a barrier to prevent injuries), otherwise he may burn his skin. Also, we suggest you investing in a quality reptile light fixture because this type of light will ensure your pet just the right amount of heat.

The reason why your reptile needs UVB and UVA lights is because that is vital for his health. These lights will help his body produce vitamins so that he can have energy and be healthy. Thanks to this, your pet will be able to walk, climb, and do whatever he wants to.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your pet will need to be exposed to “the sunlight” for 12 hours per day, as he would in the wild. So, get a timer that will mimic natural cycles of lights.

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