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Zoo Med Screen Cage
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Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Kit
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Whether you are new to the world of these amazing creatures, or you’ve been taking care of chameleons for years, there is always something new to learn. Therefore, we think this article will bring you new insights so that your chameleon can live in an ideal chameleon cage.

In this article, we want to share with you some tips to help you build just the perfect chameleon terrarium. After that, we’ll show you which chameleon tanks are considered best ones right now, so stick with us.

Why should your pet live in a chameleon cage?

Sometimes people who want to keep a chameleon as a pet don’t quite realize the importance of buying a chameleon terrarium. We cannot stress out enough how important is that your chameleon lives in a special kind of tank – a chameleon tank. Please don’t try to set up any other kind of terrarium, such as a fish tank, because that could make your lovely chameleon sad and even sick. So, in case you plan to have a happy chameleon, you’d better be prepared to invest your money in buying a good chameleon tank and also to spend a lot of time in maintaining a healthy environment for your pet.

But, why having a reptile cage for my chameleon is so important – you ask (still confused). Well, because, a tank will ensure your chameleon gets everything it needs in order to enjoy its life and be happy and healthy. Meaning, a chameleon enclosure should provide a good amount of light, because chameleons need sunlight in order for their body to function properly.

Another reason why your chameleon should live in a reptile cage is because, in the wild, chameleons climbed up the trees and had all the privacy they wanted. Obviously, being in captivity means their freedom is greatly limited. Therefore, your chameleon should live in a spacious cage, to provide him a sense of freedom and wilderness.

Something that will also contribute to feeling like home, is adding plants and substrate in the cage. Moreover, with decoration items, the tank will look beautifully, and will definitely make your home look vivid and unique.

Don’t forget that chameleons are solitary creatures so they enjoy being on their own. And for all of you who plan to have one chameleon cage setup for two chameleons, forget about that. You should only keep one chameleon in one cage.

Another reason why your chameleon needs a cage is that these cages are specifically designed to ensure your chameleon won’t escape and also to make feeding him a whole lot easier. Furthermore, most of these tanks are a breeze to clean, which only adds up to our list of benefits.

Also, reptile enclosures come with special ventilation, to ensure airflow for your chameleon, which is crucial for his health.

For all of you newbies, all this may sound like too much work. However, don’t worry. You can easily find a chameleon starter kit for your pet so that you don’t have to trouble with a chameleon setup. In fact, with a chameleon cage kit, making an ideal habitat is a breeze.

Types of chameleons

Now, there are many different types of chameleons such as Veiled, Panther, etc. So, when choosing a tank make sure that it’s suitable for your chameleon. Veiled chameleons are gorgeous, but they do require a special veiled chameleon habitat. Again, there are starter kits for veiled chameleon cage setup, so rest assured that your chameleon will live in a good place.


Ready to treat your chameleon with the best chameleon cage out there?


According to chameleon tank reviews, these tanks are currently best ones out there. So, let’s see why each one of these tanks should be a wonderful chameleon habitat for a chameleon.

1. Zoo Med Screen Cage

Zoo Med Screen Cage


If you want to treat your favorite pet with a spacious tank, then you just have to buy him this quality screen cage. It has many great features, therefore your pet will live like a king in it (you might even envy him).

Made of quality anodized aluminum, this cage will last your pet a long time. Moreover, it won’t look cheap after a couple of months, because this cage is corrosion-resistant.

With dimensions of 24 x 24 x 48 inches, this tank will give your chameleon a lot of freedom, so he can move around the tank all day long. This spaciousness is also great for adding many live plants, as they will make sure that humidity level is optimal.

When it comes to lighting, no need to worry about placing the bulbs. In fact, that will be pretty easy, as you’ll have enough room to place more than one heat bulb on top of the tank. Thanks to this, your pet will be safe from burning.

Another good thing about this tank is its design. Thanks to an open-air screen cage, the airflow will be great, so your pet will enjoy the fresh air all the time.

As far as access and cleaning are concerned, you’ll appreciate the large front door. It will enable you to clean the tank with ease and to replace the substrate if needed. Also, you’ll have quick access to your pet, when you need to feed him.

However, a slight issue is that the cage isn’t heavy. Meaning, it won’t be very stable, unless you somehow weigh it down.

Things we like:

  • Spaciousness
  • Durability
  • Fast cleanup
  • Airflow
  • The design

Things we don’t like:

  • The fact the tank isn’t stable
  • The tank is Lightweight


2. Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Kit

Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Kit


Whether you have a Panther, Veiled or any other kind of Old Worlds chameleon, this is a good starter kit. It comes at a good price and has the most important items your chameleon will need. Plus, the tank looks very nice and will make your room look stunning.

Setting up won’t last for too long, and you won’t have to bother with finding the carpet, vine, and plants on you own. So, the second you set the tank up, your chameleon can walk into it and enjoy its life.

At the top of a cage, you can place the light, and it will give your chameleon just the right amount of UVB light. Also, placing the bulbs outside of the cage mans that your pet will be safe and sound, so no need to worry about that anymore.

As for the humidity, you shouldn’t use a mister for too much. Only a few drops per day will be enough for your chameleon.

However, this tank doesn’t come with a mister. This means that you’ll have to spend more money on buying one. We suggest you getting an automatic mister. One more downside is that the instructions for setting up the unit are hard to understand, so you’ll either have to figure setting up on your own or you’ll have to contact the seller.

All in all, this tank is a good value for the money and both you and your chameleon will fall in love with it.

Things we like:

  • Price
  • All the items that come with the tank
  • The placement of heat bulbs
  • Humidity
  • The looks

Things we don’t like:

  • The fact that the unit doesn’t come with the mister
  • Hard-to-understand instructions


3. Exo Terra Habitat Kit

Exo Terra Habitat Kit


Are you in a mood for spending a lot of money on a beautiful glass tank for your chameleon? Then you should go with this one. Apart from the looks, this habitat kit has all your chameleon needs – water dish, substrate, jungle rope, jungle vines, and care guide. It’s perfect for newbies or anyone else who doesn’t want to deal with buying all the parts one by one.

Since it’s made from glass, this tank is extremely sturdy and durable. Plus, the cage is very stable and you won’t need to weigh it down like the first model on our list. No doubt it is a worthy investment, especially when taking into account what you get with it.

Even though this is a glass tank, it still offers good ventilation and airflow, thanks to its smart design.  On top of the cage, there is a full metal screen that makes sure your chameleon has enough fresh air and an optimal level of humidity. Moreover, the cage comes with a front window ventilation.

No need to worry whether or not you can leave your pet alone for a couple of hours because the cage comes with the dual front door. Thanks to them, your pet won’t escape. In addition, you’ll be able to clean the cage effortlessly, because the door can be wide open.

However, do keep in mind that this cage is pretty heavy (because it’s a glass one, obviously) so you won’t be able to move it all by yourself. Also, decoration items could have been of better quality, as they won’t last very long.

Things we like:

  • Durability
  • Toughness
  • The amazing design
  • Comes with all the necessary decoration items
  • Stability
  • Good airflow
  • Full metal screen
  • Dual front doors

Things we don’t like:

  • The quality of decoration items
  • The fact that two people are needed in order to move the tank


4. Exo Terra Terrarium

Exo Terra Terrarium



In case you have a cute growing Chameleon, he is going to need a good terrarium that will give him enough space so that he can feel comfortable. This tank is easy to set up, simple to clean and adds a modern touch to any home.

Thanks to corrosion resistant anodized aluminum, this tank won’t corrode and will look great for months to come.

Because of its dimensions, this tank provides enough room for your growing chameleon, so no need to worry about that. Also, you can place all the decoration items to make your sweet chameleon happy and safe.

Moreover, this unit comes with a swiveling bottom door, so the cleanup is a breeze. You won’t have any difficulty with removing the substrate tray.

This tank is specifically designed to provide a good level of airflow and ensure the perfect amount of UVB light for your growing Chameleon. The screen enclosure is ideal for protection from crickets.

However, the downside is that the tank is not very durable, so don’t expect it to last for too long. But, considering its features, this model is, undoubtedly, worth every penny and you won’t regret buying it.

Things we like:

  • Great choice for growing chameleon
  • great price
  • Simple to clean
  • Airflow
  • Humidity
  • Full access

Things we don’t like:

  • The fact that the unit isn’t very durable


5. Exo Terra Terrarium

Exo Terra Terrarium


Here we have one more tank that is made of glass, ideal for young Chameleon. Made of glass, this tank looks very elegant, so you’ll be happy to have one of these at your home (and your pet will be happy to live in it).

Thanks to a special front window, your Chameleon will grow into a happy and healthy pet. Moreover, the dual door will give you the possibility to feed your Chameleon with ease.

In addition, a raised waterproof bottom frame gives the option for placing a substrate heater.

As far as organization of wires is concerned, the cage comes with closable inlets, which will make the organization simple and fast.

However, the downside is that the background is not very great, as it is made of poor quality materials. This means that bugs will escape behind the background, so your chameleon won’t be able to eat them. In addition, this unit is heavy, so you’ll need one more person in order to transfer it.

Things we like:

  • Durability
  • Sturdiness
  • Raised bottom frame
  • Dual door
  • Closable inlets

Things we don’t like:

  • The fact that the unit isn’t easy to move
  • Poor quality background


Creating the perfect chameleon habitat

Now, let’s talk about what you can do to set a good chameleon habitat. There are many chameleon cage accessories that will make setting up a whole lot easier. However, there are some crucial factors you need to take into account when setting up a chameleon cage, such as humidity, lights, substrate, etc. So, this part of the article is most important, especially if you don’t have any experience with taking care of a chameleon.

Lights and heat

First, you need to provide heat for your chameleon. The way to do this is to buy heat bulbs. Even though there are different kinds of bulbs, we highly recommend you getting a ceramic heat emitter. This heat emitter will provide heat without emitting too much light, which can bother your chameleon. Moreover, this heater will last you for months. Of course, you have to set up the bulb outside the chameleon terrarium, otherwise, it may burn your pet. Besides buying a heat bulb, you should consider getting a thermometer. Thanks to it, you will be able to easily follow the level of temperature in the cage.

Proper lighting is very important because it will help your chameleon to be and stay healthy. As far as the light is concerned, you should buy the bulbs that will emit UVB rays. UVB light helps in the production of vitamin D, which is crucial for the skin and overall health of your chameleon.


Another thing a chameleon cage should have is the substrate. When choosing it, keep in mind that you should buy the one without chemicals and fertilizers in the soil. In case you aren’t sure which substrate to buy, go with the chameleon habitat kit because it comes with a suitable substrate. You should also cover the substrate with rocks, in order to prevent your pet from eating it.


Keeping humidity at a good level is also a very important part if you want to have a happy chameleon. When it comes to humidity, we have to point out that the tank shouldn’t be moist all the time. That’s why you need to buy an automatic mister for a chameleon. With this one, the tank will be properly moist and you won’t have to trouble with spraying it all by yourself. The mister will do the job for you.

Food and Water

Chameleons are very picky, so you’ll have to feed them with crickets, bugs and baby mouse (sometimes). Make sure to change their menu every once in a while, because they tend to get bored very quickly.

As for the water, don’t, under any condition, put a bowl of water in the cage. This can be very dangerous for your pet as it doesn’t drink from stagnated water sources. Also, in this type of water, bacteria will grow pretty fast.

As mentioned, get a mister, because chameleons love to drink water drops of leaves.

Plants and décor

Last but not least. You have to decorate the tank and make it feel like home for your pet. Putting live plants and some decoration items will turn the tank into a top-notch habitat for your pet. However, what you should pay attention to when buying the plants is the type of a plant.

People love to add ficus plants, but eventually, they take them out, since these plants require too much light. On the other hand, ficus plants should be as far from the heat bulb as possible, otherwise, they may get burned.

Hibiscus looks nice, but you’ll need to trim it very often as it tends to grow really, really fast.

So, your best bet is pothos plants. These are very common for a chameleon cage since they need less light than ficus plants and they also require little water. However, make sure not to buy philodendron, because this plant is deadly for chameleons.

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